Since our foundation in 2018, Rishi Software Services(RSS) has always been working hard to deliver complex web and mobile solutions to our customers worldwide. Rooted in our history of bringing software development success to our clients, we are looking for more opportunities in the future with you as our new customer.

  • The next breakthrough in AI brings a generative adversarial network (GAN) to life. GAN makes two neural networks spar with each other to create realistic images and speech.
  • JPMorgan Chase pioneers in implementing a brand-new zero-knowledge proof cryptographic protocol that uses zk-SNARK messages and makes blockchain-based payments totally private.
  • The AI-generated “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” becomes the first piece of art to be sold at Christie’s for sensational $432,500.

Our team grew up to 50+ employees


Our track record extended beyond 500 successfully accomplished projects


We’re listed among top custom software development and top web development companies in reputable ratings by Clutch.co, GoodFirms, and ITFirms


We delivered an MVP version of an AR-powered mobile application that simulates the physical presence of two callers during a video call

  • Google Earth VR launched allowing for entering any address and flying over it in 3D with any VR headset
  • Elon Musk introduced Neuralink, a medical research company, with the goal to create high bandwidth and safe brain-computer interfaces

For an aerospace organization, we delivered a spacecraft behavior simulator
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Clutch.co ranked us as one of Top10 Business Intelligence (BI) App Developers, Top 10 E-Commerce App Developers and Top Travel & Lifestyle App Developers


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