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  • Vehicle position tracking
  • Diverse data visualization capabilities
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A transport monitoring device manufacturer turns to Rishi Software Services(RSS) to develop a rich web vehicle monitoring service complemented by mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • .NET
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Maps


Our Customer, Seven Telematics, is a UK-based producer of Transcan Temperature Recorders, one of the world's most popular monitoring devices in the logistics industry. 

To ensure their success in the market, the company decided to hire a web development company to create an online logistics app supported with two native mobile apps to ensure a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets. A new comprehensive solution helps the Customer be on top of the market as well as adds to road safety by eliminating phone and email alerts that distract the driver.


In the logistics industry, vehicle tracking is vital to ensure the driver's safety and timely cargo delivery. To make sure that the number of miles driven doesn't exceed the safe limit, the engine doesn't overheat, and the vehicle doesn't get lost, logistics companies have to be able to monitor data about the vehicle in real time and detect any emergency timely while not distracting the driver's attention. To make this possible, RSS's team was to develop a web application with powerful data analytics capabilities, an integrated geolocation module, and a convenient user interface. This solution should also provide a comprehensive picture of the data collected, with rich visualization and reporting capabilities. Another challenge consists in creating an equal user experience for PC, iPhone/iPad, and Android users.



Iflexion’s app developers delivered a web application and two native mobile applications for iOS and Android. The applications are integrated with the Customer’s processing software systems.

Logistics app development scheme

User area

Users can monitor the vehicle metrics right from the customer area on the Seven Telematics website. The solution visualizes the information collected by the back-end software from navigation devices and sensors.

This solution uses Seven Telematics CRM identifications and supports account management system so that the customers are able to monitor only the vehicles associated with their accounts.

Each customer of Seven Telematics obtains a super-user login that allows creating and configuring additional user accounts. The user also can see the fuel rate and engine temperature of each vehicle they are tracking.


Functionality highlights

By default, users have access to the following information provided by the online service: fuel reporting, driver timesheet analysis, productivity measurement, route analysis, vehicle audit trail and individual vehicle activity reports. To implement the functionality, the vehicle tracking system development team delivered the following modules:

Asset List allows multiple grouping and sorting options to facilitate the management of large fleets. Functionality provides the possibility to invoke the context menus hovering over asset icons or the map.

Fleet Tables (a point-in-time snapshot that shows the latest telemetry data for the fleet) and Fleet Metrics (data calculated over a user-defined time range for each asset) screens provide tabular views of the data to be then filtered or sorted.

Reports module contains a set of standard reports that can be customized by users. Reports are sortable on any column and can be printed and exported to Excel and PDF.

Report Writer is a simple but powerful tool for creating all the reports used in the Seven Eye website. It provides a variety of templates upon which reports can be designed. Large numbers of reports can be easily managed by grouping them within the user-defined folder structure.

Alerts module allows email and SMS alerts sent to customers in the case of various conditions occurring. History table gives details of prior alerts. The configuration can be made for whole fleets or for individual assets.

Waypoints are points on the map that can be defined using either a postcode or latitude/longitude coordinates. Users can create, view, and edit them.

Admin module provides such important options as multiple fleet selection, a read-only and an imperial/metric options, and other user preferences that are set per user and affect the way the data is shown in all parts of the Seven Eye website.

Integration with Google Maps API provides frequently updated world-wide mapping coverage for geotracking and vehicle monitoring. In addition to displaying vehicle icons on their locations on the map, RSS's team added several functional enhancements increasing service usability: pop-ups with current journey status and context menus that allow asset data to be viewed.

Logistics mobile app

Mobile applications to track the telemetry on iOS and Android

The Customer also tasked Rishi Software Services(RSS) with the mobile app development. Our team developed an iOS app and an Android app to access vehicle tracking data on the go. The applications are integrated with the web service via API.

The application visualizes data from vehicle temperature recording system via charts and diagrams. It also reflects the fuel rate in different driving regimes. The data is represented in a circular diagram.

The history provides the data received by the ADR (Automatic Daily Recording) System and allows users to track back the data to find the information concerning the specific day, to track the patterns, and to monitor the changes. With the calendar, users can find the information for a particular period faster.

The applications are free for download from App Store and Google Play, where they are rated 5 out of 5 stars by most of the users.


As a result of the logistics app development project and long-term partnership with RSS, the Customer got fully functioning software that helps to stay ahead of the competition in the logistics industry. The solution users can access the necessary data from a PC or mobile devices. An innovative web service for logistics and transportation management developed by Rishi Software Services(RSS) ensures monitoring vehicles in real time. Mobile applications for iOS and Android add to the convenience of the service.



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